Over the last years I had the chance to work for and with amazing individuals, previous as in-house and later as a freelancer. Below you can find some of their comments about my work. 

Always delivers on time or early, to the highest of standards. Had many a client refer to Andrea's work as "perfect". Could not recommend more highly. 11/10. Makes my job easier, and is a pleasure to work with. In everything from translation and proofreading to DTP and Graphic Design - so professional, friendly and a delight to know. Unfortunately, I have 0 improvements for you as everything you provide is top tier.

Translation Project Manager

I enjoy working with Andrea as I know I can rely on him 100%. He always provides quality translations on time, is responsive and friendly, and checks for additional context or instructions whenever in doubt about the source text.

Translation Project Manager

What a pleasure is to work with Andrea! Not only he is resolutive and dedicated, but he also is communicative and raises queries and concerns when needed to ensure he delivers the highest quality. He was a strong asset in one of our biggest projects to date, providing transcription/subtitling, and our business relationship with him has only grown from there. He is know one of our most reliable Italian linguists, and I can't recommend him enough to anyone who might need transcription, subtitling or localisation.

Head of Projects

Great job Andrea during the last year!


Filling out the survey I had to think hard about any 'less-than-optimal' experiences I or our agency have had with you in the past year and honestly could not think of any. Any issues with translations (although they have been few and mostly minor) have always been taken care of quickly and diligently. In terms of our e-mail exchanges and working relationship, I can say nothing but positive things. We are lucky to have you.

Translation Project Manager

It is always a pleasure to work with you Andrea. You are diligent, attentive, always punctual, and also very friendly. You follow instructions and reference materials closely, and always check with us if anything is unclear in the texts. The translations are of great quality, working with you is pleasant, and I look forward to new projects!

Translation Project Manager

I've had the pleasure to work with Andrea for almost five years. During our time as colleagues, I could see first hand that Andrea is an expert translator and translation manager, with experience in translating to and from English, Italian and Spanish. Due to the volume of content we handled in a fast-paced business, Andrea accrued in-depth knowledge of both delivering and managing translations to tight deadlines and managing different stakeholders in the process. And he made our complex workload and processes look easy. Hiring this brilliant colleague will make a positive difference in your business. Guaranteed 🙂

Localisation Manager