Here you can find a detailed list of the services I provide:

– Multilingual Typesetting
– Creative Artwork
– Graphic Localisation
– Translation & Proofreading

Multilingual Typesetting

Typesetting is the process of setting material in type or into a form to be used in printing. This includes the arranging printed text and images on a page.
Multilingual Typesetting, which is also known as DTP, is the process of formatting translated text into a graphic document. In simple words is presenting the final work in an appealing appearance for the reader, which is easy to read and print.

This process might sound easier than it is, as every language presents different challenges, which include text space, capitalisation, text direction, fonts, text size, spacing, numbers, images, graphics and many others.

I can work with any kind of web or printed document, form the most artistic one, to the more straightforward brochures or leaflets. I have worked on government agency documents such as UKHSA or NHS leaflets and brochures, but also on luxury hotel marketing collateral, technical instruction manuals, company presentations and more. I mainly work with Adobe and Microsoft packages (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher) but I can also work with Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, Scribus, LibreOffice Draw and LibreOffice Write.

So far I have worked with more than 60 languages, both left-to-right and right-to-left ones, and I can typeset any kind of alphabet. For the complete list of languages you can get in touch with me.

Creative Artwork

I can create any kind of print marketing collateral such as leaflets, brochures, infographics, reports, posters or sell sheets. I am happy to be fully creative as much as to follow brand guidelines in terms of colors, font size, font family and other items.

Graphic Localisation

Graphic localisation is a process where images and graphic interfaces adapt to cultural, technical and design differences between countries and regions.
Sometimes a simple sign such as thumbs up can be misinterpreted by different audiences as it might mean something different in a different culture than ours.

Translation & Proofreading

Alongside my DTP services I do translation and proofreading. My specialisations are in medical devices, tourism and international organisations.